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Proposed demo spherical solar development:

The proposed project will be the first permanent demonstration of the concentrated solar energy collection described at Its main purpose is to visibly demonstrate that the arrangement could provide (surplus) heat to other properties. The footprint is relatively compact and configured for maximum winter gain. In temperate latitudes (the UK) the method is likely to be most useful, scaled up, for communal large-scale winter heating in rural and semi-rural areas.
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A series of prototypes were constructed during 2008-2009 to prove the theoretical work of 2006-2007. The project methodology was subsequently patented as proof of newness. Detail on the theory and prototypes can be found at (see links page).

Why develop communal solutions?
The English House Condition Surveys (DGLC) show that older buildings (particularly listed) consume the highest energy. These properties, predominant in rural areas, are difficult to insulate and need heat to remain liveable. It is not always possible to 'bolt-on' renewables to existing structures.

 Proposed demo spherical solar development: Resilience


Electrical power (eg renewable wind & wave or nuclear) could be used for heating. However, this would mean oversizing the national energy infrastructure to meet winter heat demand. In turn, this would increase the costs of end consumers.
The proposed development demonstrates an alternative method, suited to community projects, which optimises winter heat collection. All other known solar projects set in temperate climates collect the majority of their solar heat in the summer.
Imports of carbon fuels into the UK will rise significantly after 2010: It is not yet clear where this fuel will come from.

Fuel sources yet to be identified:

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Carbon fuel: increasing imports (if available: UK)

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