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Theory of spherical solar power





Segmental Solar Sphere: Technical notes

Time-delay video of focusing seen from behind mirrors -Very low cost mirrors (fixed, easy to focus)
-Low lost energy collection assembly
-Simple mechanism.

What is spherical solar?
Our Northern hemisphere ancestors saw a flat World with a sun that rose and fell every day along a circle slanted to the South. This circle moved with the seasons along an axis at a right angle to the slant. When the circle centre along the axis was high and in the North, it was Summer; when low and in the South, it was Winter. This equipment invertedly copies this vision of the World to produce a system capable of collecting solar rays from flat mirrors arranged as a slice of a sphere.

Why would it be cheap on a mass scale?
This is to do with the way the mirrors are arranged: It does not need expensive fittings, just preformed extrusions laid on the ground. This reduces the cost to a fraction of that of equivalents. Focusing is very simple.




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